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Who do Educational Psychologists (EPs) work with?


Educational Psychologists work with children and young people of all ages from 0-25 years. These children and young people may need help with:

• Understanding and labelling their feelings and managing their big emotions (e.g. when they are sad, angry and/or worried).

• Knowing how their feelings affect how they think and behave.

• Learning (e.g. reading, writing and maths), paying attention and concentrating in lessons.

• Physical, developmental and medical conditions.

• Problem solving, remembering and thinking.

• Making and keeping friends, playing and working with others.


Why has the EP been asked to help and what will they do?


Everyone finds some things easy and some things difficult.  The EP may have been asked to work with you to help you improve with the things you find difficult.  The EP will try to help you and the people who know you well at home and at school (e.g. your parent/carers, teachers) to understand your strengths and to identify what you find difficult and why.  As part of this work the EP may come into lessons and watch the teaching and learning taking place, talk to you and listen to your views and needs, carry out some activities and games with you and meet with people who know you well. The EP will use their knowledge of psychology in order to help you and the adults supporting you to identify teaching and learning activities and the correct support network to enable you to achieve your goals.

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