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As an Educational Psychologist, I offer:


• Consultation

• Assessment

• Observation

• Individual and group work

• Theraplay

• Training


Young People Parents/Carers Early Years Settings Schools and Academies

Parents and Carers

As a parent/carer you know your child best and are the most important person in their life.  Parents/carers will be actively and collaboratively involved and consulted throughout all psychological work.  Parental consent will always be sought before any discussion or work with a child. The initial referral and planning meeting with parents is free. Following the agreed assessment and the provision of psychological advice, parents are then welcome to contact me for further consultation and support as needed.  We will identify areas of strength and difficulty within your child’s individual profile by gathering information, applying psychological theory and practice.  We will provide up-to-date, relevant and evidence-based recommendations and psychological advice to help your child to overcome barriers to learning and/or social and emotional wellbeing. A detailed written report will be provided within three weeks or less from the time of assessment.

You may be looking for Educational Psychologist support, assessment and advice because you have concerns regarding your child’s difficulties in the following areas:

• Literacy, numeracy, learning and problem-solving skills

• Memory and retention

• Speech, language and communication

• Social, friendship and play skills

• Understanding, verbalising and self-regulating emotions

• Challenging behaviour and/or behaviour management

• Self-esteem and confidence

• Attention and concentration

• Anxiety, anger, depression

• Physical and organisational skills